7-9/July Mantra Bell City
ASWJ Annual Conference 2017

الـــصادق الأمــــــــين

As-Sadiqul 'Amin

ASWJ Annual Conference 2017

ASWJ conference has been running since year 2002

Mantra Bell City Venue

The 2017 ASWJ Annual Conference will run over 3 nights and 2 days, if Allah wills. The conference will be held in the mantra bell city conference centre for the full conference duration and the whole conference centre will be booked for the ASWJ conference.

To add to the vibrant public lectures and panels program of the conference, this year a number of social events and functions will be held within the conference to enable effective engagement with the public, community leaders and youth volunteers. These will include coffee breaks, a Gala Dinner (by invitation only) and a farewell dinner (by invitation only) and a Conference Contest between the 10 ASWJ centres from across Australia.

The whole conference program will be held within the Mantra Bell City Conference Centre, and parking on-site will be completely covered for all conference guests. The venue also provides a variety of accommodation options for the convenience of guests travelling interstate.

Past ASWJ Conferences

ASWJ has been organising its flagship event, The ASWJ Annual Conference, since 2001. This year will mark the 16th instalment of this hugely successful venture whose sole purpose is to motivate and empower Muslims across Australia by adding value to their lives through inspiration, education and through reviving the sense of unity with the Muslim Community worldwide.

Recent ASWJ Conferences:

ASWJ Conference Contest

This year will mark the inauguration of the 1st ASWJ conference contest to be held between all ASWJ centres across Australia. The 10 ASWJ centres from acrross Australia will compete with each other on winning the honour of hosting the next ASWJ conference. Each centre will be represented by a delegation of 4 delegates, that include representation from Seniour experienced volunteers and uprising youth volunteers.

To Register your Centre's delegation complete the online form by the Regestration Deadline: Sunday 18th of June






lectures and Panels


Entertainment sessions


Meet our Scholars and Islamic Preachers

Ibrahim Zidan

Sh. Ibrahim Zidan

Internation Guest speaker, USA

Abu ayman

Sh. Abu Ayman Omran

Founder & Amir of ASWJ Australia
and Imam of HIYC

Zouheir Issa

Sh. Zoheir Issa

Co-Founder of ASWJ
and Imam of Al-Azhar Mosque

Khalid Issa

Sh. Khalid Issa

Amir of ASWJ NSW
and Imam of ASWJ Auburn

Jalal Chami

Sh. Jalal Chami

Imam of ASWJ Revesby

Bilal Dabbousi

Sh. Bilal Dabboussi

Imam of GIYC Liverpool

Saleh Ibrahim

Sh. Saleh Ibrahim

Imam of ICWA Maylands

Arshad Khan

Sh. Arshad Khan

NSW State Shura Member, Islamic Da'ee

Abdelrahman Issa

Sh. Abdelrahman Issa

Imam of Sefton Mosque

Abdisalam Hussein

Sh. Abdisalam Hussein

Imam of ASWJ South East

Nassim Abdi

Sh. Nassim Abdi

NSW State Shura Member, Islamic Da'ee

John Doe

Br. Mohamad Khodr

NSW State Shura Member


Vast number of different Lectures and activities

      Opening Ceremony

Quran Recitation and Opening Remarks

Sheikh Abu Ayman Omran

Sh. Abu Ayman, Sh. Zoheir Issa, Sh. Khalid Issa , Sh. Ibrahim Zidan

      Sisters' Track

(Lecture + Q&A) Sheikh Abu Ayman Omran - Held at the Women's Hall (New York Room)

Sisters Only Lecture

      Kids' Track

Brother Mohamad Khodr - Held at the Men's Hall (Bell City Ballroom)

      Main Track 1: What He (PBUH) Did

      Sisters' Track

Sister Tya - Held at the Women's Hall (New York Room)

Sisters Only Lecture

Sheikh Ibrahim Zidan - Held at the Women's Hall (New York Room)

Sisters Only Lecture

      Kids' Track

Brother Mohamad Khodr - Held at the Men's Hall (Bell City Ballroom)

      Main Track 2: How He (PBUH) Did It

Sh. Ibrahim Zidan, Sh. Jalal Chami, Sh. Bilal Dabboussi, Sh. Saleh Ibrahim

Accomodation Booking

To book your accomodation on site the conference venue, at a special conference rate:
Please call the following number, and mention you're attending the ASWJ Conference

03 9485 0380

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